Lose Weight


Advanced Hypnosis wins where diets fail

Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP is the easy way to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Have you have had enough of weighing and counting calories in tasteless “diet food”? Do you want your life back permanently? We could have the answer.

If you are overweight, you probably eat for reasons other than hunger. Hypnosis can change the way you think and relate to food. If you want to be slim, achieve a certain size or weight, or if you have a compulsion to eat a certain types of food, then you may feel that a new and completely unique programme of NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy will help you. Using these state of the art technologies we can help you gain full control of food once and for all – for life.

If you feel that food has control of you and you just do not have the willpower to say “no”, then Advanced Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP technology may be what you are looking for. It can help with problem areas such as:


  • Compulsive eating
  • Obesity
  • Body image
  • Over-eating as part of a sedentary lifestyle
Three Counties is able to help you easily achieve the size that is right for you. Looking good will increase your confidence and help you to feel good about yourself.

Our unique, fat-busting programme consists of 2 or 3 sessions, helping you to make the changes that will keep you slim, fit and healthy. Have the lifestyle you deserve once and for all! Our easy weight loss programme works on both the conscious and unconscious levels, so that you have total control over food.

“Thinking thin” means you will eat like a thin person and become the thin person you want to be. We show you how to “think thin”.

You get to establish new and interesting eating habits that mean that no food is banned. You can eat whatever you want and, using our unique programme, reach and maintain your ideal weight. This is liberating stuff!

  • No weekly sessions
  • No weigh-ins
  • No guilt
  • No scales
  • No bland food
  • No uninteresting food
  • Smaller, nicer clothes
  • More confidence
  • More feeling good
  • More feeling good
  • More freedom
  • More of all the good things you deserve

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

Just the word “diet” implies something you do temporarily. So, you diet AGAINST your normal patterns of behaviour which are part of your subconscious mind. You may lose a little weight temporarily, but because your subconscious mind likes to keep things consistent it will regulate your body to go back to what it was doing before the diet.

Your subconscious mind holds beliefs and habits – beliefs and habits that you may not even be aware of. These are what keeps the weight on your body, that make you keep eating the type and quantity of food that you are used to. Your subconscious is not working against you, it just does whatever it is and has been programmed to do. In many cases it will have received poor programming from various sources.

Experiences picked up via the five senses (sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell) are programmed directly into the subconscious. Of course, your conscious habits pay an ever-increasing part, as do your emotions. The subconscious is much more powerful than the conscious mind so, no matter how hard you consciously try to break a habit, your subconsious will eventually win you over, causing you to return to what is considered “normal” for you.

This is definitely NOT because you are weak-willed by any means. It is simply the way our minds have evolved to function best for us. Take driving, learning a new sport or even getting used to a new computer keyboard. At first it seems hard and difficult to co-ordinate, but after a while you realise that you can do it automatically, without consciously thinking about it. Eventually these things become programmes, hard-wired into your subconscious mind. This frees up your conscious mind to do other things – primarily to analyse, make decisions and learn new things.

Can you imagine if you had to rely on your conscious mind every time you need to remember how to drive your car, write a sentence, type, read a book, speak, or play sports? Remember when you first learnt these things? They were completely conscious endeavours. Now that they have formed into existing behaviour patterns within your subconscious mind, they are resources you can draw on, without you having to think about them.

Now, imagine un-learning these things – trying to learn a new language and forget your native tongue, writing with your left hand if you’re right-handed and vice versa. This is how hard it is to change your habits when it comes to food, weight, smoking, phobias, compulsions or anything that has become a habit. You are not weak or weak-willed. It’s just the way your mind works and it’s to your advantage that it works this way.

With your permission (and not without) we can utilise the many advantages of Advanced Hypnotherapy to communicate with your subconscious mind directly. This will dramatically speed up the process of change by changing the relevant programmes in a very positive way. Under the right conditions your subconscious mind will readily accept new information, having passed what we call the critical factor, a stage during the process of Advanced Hypnosis. The whole process is safe, proven and controlled. You have nothing to loose but the weight you want to – it’s that easy.

In order to make true, permanent changes in your life, it is necessary to bring your subconscious mind into agreement with what you want to accomplish, rather than fighting and struggling against it. We bring the subconscious mind on side so that you can make the changes you want easily. By using advanced hypnosis and NLP technology you will find yourself:

  • Wanting to eat the right kinds of foods
  • Wanting to drink more water
  • Wanting to exercise
  • Wanting to make all the changes that get you to your target weight and maintain it
  • Wanting to eat, drink and think like the thin person that you deserve to be
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